Renovation & Consulting Business for Women

"The 5 RULES OF RENOVATION: The proven system to add value to undervalued properties, FAST" 

(Works in EVERY market including PERTH where my student added an extra $95,000 to her portfolio in a DEAD market)  

* * (Don't confuse this course with copycat course's that are out there: This is the original strategy developed by The Reno Chick a subsiderary of The Renovation College and its proven methods) **

Steal the system that I've mastered and made hundreds of thousands of $$. Along with better than average profits, that's proven. It's so good, my students have made bank & then started their own renovation consultancy businesses!

#Renovation MASTERY is Real.

Renovators, Interior Designers and Property Stylists if you are tired of working hard and not making enough money and would like to learn how to increase your business profits, grab this training. Renovation Consultants (or who want to be) CLAIM your business & start making bank!  

Renovation Rule 1: The number #1 rule you must follow when it comes to presenting your renovated house for sale. Miss this and you can cost yourself thousands and thousands of dollars in lost profits. 

Renovation Rule 2: The biggest mistake even some experienced renovators make… make these mistakes and you’ll cost yourself thousands in lost profits. (So many people make these mistakes!) 

Renovation Rule 3: The essential guide to "Tiny budgets, BIG profits. With out a system and a plan, your renovation could 'blow out' in costs!

Renovation Rule 4: Creating a 'Designer Blueprint' that is easy and calculates itself seems impossible, but once you do this, your reno becomes much easier. 

Renovation Rule 5: What to do every time to ensure you get maximum return on your property investment. 

BONUS: VIDEO TRAINING: 'How I made 99k pure profit in just 35 days' - Whoo hoo!

Cathy Morrissey


The Renovation College TM

 I teach women & men how to create Lucrative Renovation Businesses. My first cosmetic Reno (The Old St. Davids Manse, 1883) sold in 2007, for a ton more than I paid for it.(GROSS over $300,000) 

I implemented strategies that were unique and made more money on my house sale than similar houses of that vintage, in my town. Pretty cool, heh? But like a good red wine, that takes time to ferment, so did my love of turning something old into something new, and in 2012, I hit the road running and repeated this process for myself and clients, and consistently made profitable renovations.

(I did this another 7 more times, worked with dozens of clients to help them reach their renovation goals and, then in 2015, created The Renovation College where the first lot of mentees have learned my 5 step system.)

I could not have done this without a documented well thought out system that I and my mentee's use over and over again. If its a tried and tested roadmap you're after...... Its here for you to swip.

In just 6 months, I created two very profitable cosmetic renovations. Then to top off the year, I launched my second successful course online. I've made the system so its easy for you to model. Get your copy now!

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